New Works

Fracture A

Sadness is anger turned inward. 

We all heard the Freudian theory a few times at least, and have experienced it for ourselves many times, yet, we are still unsure on how to process the feeling. How to express it without crossing the fine line that society considers acceptable, asking ourselves the eternal question: 

Did I go too far? And more often than not: Did I say all I wanted to say? Leading us to the conclusion that most of the time we fail to communicate

the totality of what the source of our initial frustration was about.

And what happens when we don’t express those emotions? Well, our bodies react physically, as well as they do emotionally, and that’s where I would like to base my work.

The way we feel has an impact on our muscles, and those, have an influence on the quality of our movement. Whether we choose to portray this in a voluntary and conscious way or if we let them be involuntary for once, the repercussions of the emotions on the body are undeniable.

Dancers in particular are known for seeking perfection on many levels, including a total mastering and control of their muscles abilities. But what If 

instead of focusing on control, we focus on letting go? Can we go even further with our dancing by doing so? And what if instead of seeking victory in motion, we take a moment to analyze and appreciate the falls, the drops, the breaking parts, the failure of the muscles, and include this to our dancing? Will its dimensions change by adding the FRACTURE A?

Performed by Julian Nichols and pedro Lozano Gomez

Premier in 2023

New creation for Eko Dance Project in Turin, Italy.

Premier on February 3th 2023

-New creation for Delattre Dance Company in Mainz, Germany.

Premier in 2023


-Choreographic Workshop at Europa Dance Company in Brussels, Belgium.

From May 30th, to June 3rd 2022.

-Atelier Paris & Italie at the Centre de danse du Marais.

From July 25th to 30th.