Room series choreography

At home, spring and summer 2020.
Featured dancers: Giulia Tonelli, Fran Sanchez, Hugo Mbeng, Katarina Van Den Wouwer, Cèline Legrelle, Elsa Godard, Anna Konopska, Nina Melcher, Allister Madin, Jhonatan Alexander , Stéphane Arestan, Shihya Peng and Pedro Lozano Gomez.

In an experiment to challenge our versatility, them as performers and me as a choreographer, I sought dancers with different backgrounds from Ballet to contemporary dance.

In order to find what made them unique, We explored where we came from and where we could meet. Working with the extra challenges of distance and of being in a small space.


Premiered on the 17th of february, 2017 at Nordhausen, Germany.
By Theatre Nordhausen TN LOS.

I have always been fascinated by the univers and how its continuous expansion reminds us that nothing is still.

For this piece I took this notion and applicated to everyday life, making a collection of scenes and situations, all connected by instability.


Premiered on the 4th of may, 2016 at Torino, Italy.
By the Eko Dance Projekt at the Palcoscenico Danza’s season.

This piece is a reminder of what is left. What still rings in our ears and memories. And most importantly , is a bridge to new paths.

Throughout the piece we see the main dancer, go trough conflict, be affected by it and then overcoming it.

Unworthy Words

Premiered on the 19th of april, 2014 at Greifswald & Stralsund, Germany.
By the Ballet Vorpommern for the TanZZeit program.

For this piece I wanted to dig into the importance of silence, and how we can communicate through it.

What is loud and fragile
And then slow and agile
Behind my brain still grows
Where serenity sows
So now it makes me numb
I, deaf and blind and dumb
For when no sound makes
The heart in madness aches.

Juana (The Missing Limb)

Premiered on the 28th of march, 2014 at Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.
By the Grand Rapids Ballet for the Movemedia program.

This piece is about a question I ask myself often : How do we find balance again when all our Pilars are gone?

I dissociated the upper body and the lower body, making sure the point work is still intact on its classical form while integrating a modern movement for the torso and arms.

Time Fraction

Premiered on the 22th of november, 2013 at Torino, Italy.
By the Agora Dance Project at the Palcoscenico Danza’s season.

Through life, we experience, we fall, we learn, we age. All condensed into a « Time Fraction ». This piece explores the different stages of a human being, as a single individual, as well as how he connects with others.

Wrinkly teary-eyed animal
Alone in a cage of goodbye
A thunder storm inside the mind
For some silence, for some a sigh.


Premiered on the 21th of november, 2012 in Antwerp, Belgium.
By the Royal Ballet of Flanders for the Coupe Maison program.

What makes us free isn’t the ability to do whatever we like but to be regarded and accepted for who we really are. This piece talks about the stifling feeling humans can inflict on each other, and their mind games.

My thoughts are on your pillow
Suffocating is the memory
My eyes can’t picture a widow
That keep singing other melodies
Not too long the pleasure
Brought too soon the pain
Now it grows the pressure
And don’t know If it was in vain
Much too cool the presence
Much too cruel the hands
Much too strong the gesture
Here’s where my soul lands.

In the second person

Premiered at the Association culturelle Franco-Japonaise in Paris, on September 30th 2021, and performed by Mary Katakura and Pedro Lozano Gomez.

Inspired by the duality of the human being. This piece shows the ambiguity of an individual when his/her personality splits in two.

Throughout the choreography, there is a clear link between the two dancers, even so, in the moments of physical separation.

Ounce of Found

Premiered on December 28th 2021 on, and winner of the Best solo performance at the Espoo Digi-Dance International in Finland.

This choreography is performed by the former soloist of the Royal Opera House in London and International artist Fernando Montaño.

This piece is a pause, an introspective look at what we have gone through, and how the impact of those experiences serve as Pillars of who we are.

As an evolution, we see the dancer increasingly freeing himself and finding inner peace throughout the choreography.

Dark Horse

Premiered on February 4th 2022 on the International project Room to Room, held by Catarina Carvalho and Ana Maria Lucaciu, and performed by Pascale Ussel.

This piece is inspired by the unpredictable strength and resilience of the human being.

As the choreography unfolds, we see the dancer falling and getting back up, till she makes it to the finishing line.


Premiered on May 14th 2022, and performed in Italy by the Swiss company Balletxtreme directed by the principal dancer Myrna Kamara.

This piece is a three mouvement ballet, starting with a divertissement, going onto an adage and closing up with an allegro.

Treating the dancers as If they were musical instruments, this choreography is based essentially in musicality. Placing the importance on honoring rythm and dynamics at all times.